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Holiday Gateway



  1. “Holiday Gateway” is a membership for those who want to vacation for an unlimited period in a year.
  2. Everyone wants to be winner and lead a good life style, to have MAGIC in their hands and live life to the fullest!
  • A husband & wife want a MAGICAL way to spend time together.
  • A father/mother and son/daughter look for those MAGIC moments to spend time together.
  • A brother & sister want some MAGIC to Live their Life.

 About Holiday Gateway:

  1. We all yearn for that Magical getaway that relaxes and rejuvenates us with a special experience.
  2. At Holiday Getaway we take you into a world of Magical Joy…a world of resplendent colors, wide open spaces and incredible cultural treasures…. a world of endless holidays!
  3. Vacation with your family for an unlimited period in a year, to any destination in India, with our associate Hotels. It’s an Inflation proof Holiday!
  4. VISION:
  • Provide world hospitality at value for money
  • Operates in multi-split, multi format

Core Values :

  • Professionalism,
  • Customer centric attitude,
  • Quality approach,
  • Good corporate citizenship,
  • Transparency

 What is Timeshare?

A Family Holiday as you want

  • At a specific place
  • For a specific period
  • In a specific room/apartment/cottage
  • By paying a token amount for Annual Membership

 Holidays of Quality, Variety and Value:

  • Provides holiday accommodation
  • Economic method of holidaying
  • Variety of destination
  • Unlimited Entertainment during holiday
  • Standard levels of services
  • No season band to apply


  •  Membership for a couple with one child below 5 years of age
  • Annual subscription fees of Rs.1000/-
  • 10% discount allowed on Room Tariffs only (EP plan)
  • Check out our chain of hotels on our website
  • Hotel booking through email:
  • Use Membership no. every correspondence or hotel booking

We assure you that your Dream Vacation with your near and dear ones can get more exciting, because after all…

Your Fun Is Our Serious Business!!!!!!!!