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About Us


The great Indian civilization has bequeathed a unique spiritual and cultural heritage to its people. Indians have on the one hand, inherited magnificent natural resources of great diversity and on the other, an abundance of historical monuments and artistic/archeological wonders. These range from the grandeur of the Himalayas, a coastline surrounded by vast oceans, lakes, rivers, beaches, islands, rivers, wildlife, sanctuaries and botanical/zoological gardens to the hidden treasures of the Indus-valley civilization, the glorious Taj Mahal, forts and temples. Little wonder that India is a tourist’s paradise and has earned the distinction of fast becoming a destination for the most discerning domestic and foreign traveler.

 About Us

Holiday Space India Pvt. Ltd., India’s fastest growing tourism management company caters to the requirements of this ‘discerning traveller’ to his/her entire satisfaction. It welcomes you to a memorable holiday on your own terms on an incredibly affordable budget. No hassles, hectic schedules or stress. You just relax and enjoy this joyous state of bliss, ecstasy, the munificence of the surroundings will bless you with. Add to this the guaranteed care, personalized, customized, prompt and courteous service that Holiday space will ensure throughout your holiday.

Holiday space enables its customers to unwind. It meets specific and diverse holiday needs. This unwinding enables the ‘discerning tourist’ to create mental space for creativity and for reflection, away from the din of the routine, back home. He breathes freely, and discovers his unique potential without his privacy being invaded, generates ideas, aspirations and initiatives that do not lead him only to contentment, happiness and harmony but also to the realization that human beings have to be assessed at their optimum and not the lowest common denominator.

 Tourism and Indias Transformation

Tourism is crucial to the well-being of Indias. It enriches India economically, politically,  culturally  and  spiritually. India’s social transformation is linked to the fast development of its tourist industry. A huge middle class the most effective change agent towards this transformation is arising in India. It is obligatory for every Indian citizen to holiday in different regions and locations to enjoy and understand the diversities and complexities of Indian life. Holiday Space provides you with the necessary opportunities to see your country and dialogue with your countrymen more closely and understand the processes that can reconstruct the nation into one of the most powerful and prosperous nations of the world.

 A Mission and A Vision

Holiday Space has a vision and a mission of raising the level of holidaying to new heights:

  • Through its humane professionalism, it provides large spaces to its clients to go beyond the fragmented and stressful environment of their lives and explore deeper meanings and levels of awareness.
  • Because of its customer-centric orientation, its client’s donot have to go into the planning nitty gritty of their holidays. On the other hand, their trust in the quality approach of Holiday space ensures an exotic and extraordinary holiday focussed on their individual tastes and specifications.
  • Because of its holistic and integrated approach, tourists are bound to experience a deep regeneration and renewal physically, psychologically and spiritually during their holidays and thereafter.

Holiday Space has a wide network of professionals and infrastructure all over the India. The researchers at different locations in particular, equip it to provide a momentous holiday experience to each one of the clients. The consequence is that its provides best travel packages, tours, cruises and special promotions to its regular customers and new clients.

Get in touch with Holiday Space right away, for an unforgettable holiday experience of a life time—enjoyable, entertaining, educative and elevating.